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Mstar Corp provides and customizes technology solutions to meet
the specific requirements of each industry and the unique needs of every business.

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Customer loyalty

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Social audio

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Online trading
and training system

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Book e-commerce

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Recreation and dining
location search system

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Surveillance and
storage solution

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Digital signage

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Application for Customers, Agents, and CCTV Installation Technicians. At Mstar Corp, we strive to provide unparalleled convenience through readily available information. Additionally, we offer an exclusive Loyalty Program to enhance user experience and foster customer retention.

Main functions:
Scan codes to earn points
Redeem points for attractive gifts
Purchase products and make payments
Play games with rewards
Search for product information
Access warranty information, catalog,…

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Our project is developed to meet the entertainment needs through audiobooks, and various audio themes such as stand-up comedy, daily news, current events,… This is a social audio network where users can interact with posts and audio content.

Main functions:
Easily upload, categorize, find audio content and listen to radio broadcasts.
Donate to audio creators.
Interact with audio content.
Payments and donations via coins.

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It is an online training system designed for office employees, students, teachers, etc., or for internal corporate training. The application uses advanced Flutter technology along with an infrastructure that can support more than 1,000 simultaneous users.

Main functions:
Retail sale of courses.
Sale of membership packages.
Issuance of certificates after course completion.
Provision of tests and retakes.
Tracking of student study time.
Data security against downloads.

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Zenbooks is an e-commerce system that specializes in providing books published by Zenbooks Publishing House. Additionally, the system offers materials in media formats. It supports an ecosystem for materials and meets the document needs of teachers.

Main functions:
Buying and selling books from Zenbooks Publishing House.
Providing free courses.
Offering materials in media formats.
Providing exercises for students after course completion.

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Develop a system that connects users with nightlife entertainment venues and booking options for users looking for dining and entertainment locations.

Main functions:
Create articles.
Visual interaction between users on the system.
Real-time chat system.
Profiles of restaurants and bars for user reference.
User experience reviews.
Connect users with similar interests.

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Comprehensive security monitoring for businesses and families with high reliability, intelligent surveillance capabilities, and easy integration with over 8,300 IP cameras, along with centralized video data management.

Main functions:
A wide range of cameras, with more than 3,000 IP camera types from 50 brands.
Easy expansion, cost optimization.
Centralized management of all branches.
Centralized camera monitoring solution (CMS).
Monitoring and user permissions.
Emergency event notifications such as fire alarms and alerts via email, SMS, Skype.

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Provide modern and intelligent communication methods through images and an easy-to-use interface, allowing remote management of screens and displayed content. This system personalizes the experience and increases customer interaction.

Main functions:
No monthly recurring fees.
User friendly solution.
Remote control of screens.
Control 1 or 1000 displays.
Available premium support.

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We own a professional
software design process

From initial concept to final product, our process is designed to deliver excellence every step of the way.

Group 5

Receive the request

  • Understanding the customer domain
  • Consulting and project direction discussions
Group 6

Business analysis

  • Analyze business requirements
  • Plan application development
Group 7

Contract execution

  • Draft a professional contract
  • Ensure the items in the plan
Group 10

Interface design

  • The designer develops interface design ideas
  • Discuss and start designing the UI after finalizing
Group 9

Software development

  • Implement system programming along with feedback
  • Review all project components
Group 8

Product handover

  • Provide the source code and management rights to the customer
  • Offer technical support during the project operation period

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and reduced cost of risk, leading to remarkable revenue.

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