Địa chỉ: 75 Hoàng Văn Thụ, P15, Q.Phú Nhuận
Địa chỉ: 75 Hoàng Văn Thụ, P15, Q.Phú Nhuận

Synology Drive leads a new era of file collaboration

Surpassing Cloud Station in every way imaginable

Reflecting our core belief that data should be accessible anywhere, Cloud Station offers a private cloud solution allowing you to instantly sync files across multiple platforms while retaining historical versions of important files for recovery purposes. Having served over 1.6 million offices and families since its debut 6 years ago, Cloud Station developed many advanced features to adapt to users’ various needs, allowing you to seamlessly access and sync files across NAS servers, PCs, and mobile devices.

To bring a more streamlined user experience and business-ready file server solution, Cloud Station has evolved into Synology Drive, which incorporates the main features of its predecessor with additional functions waiting for you to explore.

Ushering in a collaboration era

In response to traditional file servers’ disadvantage of meeting the rising demand for cross-device/off-site synchronization and mobile data access, Synology fills the gap with the advent of Cloud Station. But now, there emerges a growing need – collaboration. Nowadays teamwork requires higher levels of communication, and you may often find yourself having to edit the same document with multiple colleagues.

Get everyone on the same page – literally

Featuring one portal for file access, syncing, and content collaboration, Synology Drive was introduced to the market earlier last year to cope with the growing need for file collaboration. A growing number of businesses are starting to build an on-premises file server that can further realize anywhere file access and even syncing between a centralized NAS and multiple clients. South Africa Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB) is among them that adopted a file collaboration solution to help them streamline workflow. As for businesses with offices spread across different sites around the globe, they can also realize cross-office file syncing and sharing to connect distant employees in multiple office locations.

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